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Common Cents & The Death of Crypto?

About this time last year, cryptocurrencies were all the rage. Stories about teenaged crypto millionaires flooded cocktail party and tailgate conversations. You were decidedly behind the times, let alone extremely uncool, if you weren’t in on…

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Common Cents & Rate Hikes

Next week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) will release the Consumer Price Index (CPI), colloquially known as inflation, for March 2022. The “Street” is anticipating a reading of 1.2% for the month, which would take…

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Russia vs. Ukraine: What a Mess.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this morning has made a somewhat murky geopolitical picture even more so. What does this conflict mean for global investors, US citizens, and their pocketbooks? While that might seem cold given the…

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Common Cents & Stressing Out

This past week, I made several economic presentations. During the Q&A period after one of them, a person asked if I remembered a prediction I made at a presentation on the same day the first case…