Our Approach

What makes Oakworth Capital unique is our approach. This approach includes Three Core Disciplines: Commercial and Private Banking, Wealth Management, and Advisory Services. When asked what our clients value the most about their relationship with Oakworth, it is the people, the service and the ease of doing business. ​​​​​​​


Commercial & Private Banking

Fully versed in the financial complexities of personal, commercial, industrial, and professional businesses, your Oakworth Client Advisor meets with you, the account holder, the business owner or partner to understand completely your unique needs, then coordinates a deeply experienced, multidisciplinary team of financial experts to create a tailored set of strategies. The personal assets of our clients are often inextricably intertwined with their business. By bringing our substantial experience to bear, we can offer unique integrated solutions to manage both corporate and personal financial growth.

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Wealth Management & Investments

Managing both the broad view and the complexities of our clients’ wealth management and trust needs is our hallmark. Our holistic approach allows us to manage assets not just for today, but for generations. Your Oakworth Client Advisor works to understand deeply your values and goals, then coordinates an elite, multidisciplinary team of financial experts to preserve your invested dollars, provide a readily accessible stream of liquidity, and generate a competitive rate of return – all based upon a statement of investment policy we have defined uniquely for you. We advise our clients on the appropriate asset allocation and execute this strategy through the use of an open-architecture investment platform. We then work closely with our clients to achieve their generational financial objectives.

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Advisory Services

Imagine if you could plug your financial destination into a GPS.

At Oakworth, we work the same way. Our Client Advisors help guide your finances toward a specific destination. Just determine where you want to go, and they will show you options and map out the journey step-by-step. Your Client Advisor will also remain on standby to help you navigate traffic jams that get in the way of keeping you on track to your financial goals.

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Our Process

Helping you succeed begins with a deeper understanding of your financial picture.

At Oakworth, your advisor will guide you through our 4-step process to help you achieve your financial goals with a customized solution. As life changes, your advisor will monitor and update your path to keep you on track with your goals.

Step 1

Getting to Know You

  1. Gather information in order to best understand your financial situation
  2. Ask questions to gain an understanding of your priorities and objectives
  3. Confirm your immediate needs in order to develop solutions
Step 2

Present Solutions

  1. Organize the Oakworth team with specialities that fit your immediate needs
  2. Propose the Oakworth Capital Client Solution
  3. Work with you to develop a strategy for moving your financial relationship to Oakworth.
Step 3

Establish Your Oakworth Relationship

  1. Establish your accounts
  2. Ensure accounts are coordinated and appropriately structured
  3. Streamline your transition from existing financial institutions
Step 4

Help Improve Your Financial Life

  1. Communicate with you based on your preferences
  2. Continued solutions as your financial needs change
  3. Coordinate the Oakworth team to ensure a high level of service

Throughout our history of helping people succeed, the Oakworth Process has resulted in an industry leading Net Promoter Score and a Client Retention Rate in excess of 99%.

Client Specialties

Because we cater to a wide variety of individuals, we have a select group of services readily available for those with specifically in-depth financial needs.

We discovered a desire by our female clients to have their own deeper understanding of financial matters on a broad spectrum of topics – business planning, networking, death of a spouse, estate planning, divorce, budgeting, family finances or caring for aging parents, to name a few. DEPTH applies to the unique needs of our female clients in the form of programming, conversation circles and individualized consulting.

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Oakworth designed the Dryus Group to address the complexities families with generational wealth often experience. Our knowledgeable teams of financial professionals provide a heightened level of service and skills, which help our clients succeed…not just for today, but for generations to come.

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Throughout our history of helping people succeed, the Oakworth Process has resulted in an industry leading Net Promoter Score and a Client Retention Rate in excess of 99%. By renewing the age-old art of personal service combined with the benefits of modern technology, a more personable experience emerges bringing solutions for more growth.

We invite you to explore how we can help you succeed.