Our Story

Renewing the art of personal client service

Many financial institutions exist as generic commodities in a sea of acquisitions and mergers. Oakworth Capital has combined our many years of experience to build a better client approach from the ground up. It’s an approach that not only offers a more personalized experience but also challenges the status quo by reimagining how financial services are delivered. We put more emphasis on the human connection to create a deeper understanding of our client’s needs in order to help them achieve their financial aspirations. Within the walls of Oakworth, there’s a culture that fosters our client’s goals through a cultivated relationship with a client advisor. Therefore, each client has a single point of contact.

By renewing the age-old art of personal service combined with the benefits of modern technology, a more personable experience emerges bringing solutions for more growth. One that’s friendly, genuine and builds on a more personal relationship between you and your financial advisor. This approach has pushed us to the financial forefront and is the reason we’ve garnered unprecedented industry accolades. Our years of experience and extensive financial services expertise combined with a deep understanding of you allow us to find new ways to solve old problems better. We’re redefining financial services.

Oakworth Vision Statement

The way we see it, you’re not just a client. You’re a partner.

Our Founders talk about what goes into making Oakworth an “iconic brand”

Our Core Purpose

Helping People Succeed

Our Core Values

Golden Rule
Treat others the way we wish to be treated. We will respect our clients and associates. All professional advice and action will be undertaken with the clients’ best interest.

Oakworth associates will conduct themselves with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Innovative/Creative Spirit
Oakworth strategies and services should employ ideas that create value for both the client and organization. We will strive for continuous improvement.

Oakworth will attract and retain the brightest and most motivated talent in our market.

Work Ethic
We recognize that hard work is required to achieve our objectives. Oakworth associates will bring a goal-oriented and competitive spirit to the office every day.

Our Vision

Client First
Oakworth associates will always consider clients’ needs as the sole determinant in recommending financial solutions.

Deeper Understanding
Oakworth associates will endeavor to fully understand a client’s goals and objectives. Understanding clients’ entire financial picture is fundamental to providing appropriate guidance and recommendations.

Customized Solutions
Each client’s goals and objectives are unique. Once Oakworth associates gain a full understanding of client objectives, we will offer tailored solutions to achieve these goals.

Personalized Service
Oakworth associates will treat each client as important and unique. Our client solutions will be supported with a distinctive level of service.


Throughout our history of helping people succeed, the Oakworth Process has resulted in an industry leading Net Promoter Score of 96% and a Client Retention Rate of 95% (as of 2022). By renewing the age-old art of personal service combined with the benefits of modern technology, a more personable experience emerges bringing solutions for more growth.

We invite you to explore how we can help you succeed.