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We believe communication is the key to successful client relationships. While sharing useful information is beneficial, regardless of source, Oakworth believes in the value proposition of developing and having its own experts and ideas. By generating our own market commentaries, economic newsletters, topical subject analysis and serials, and even conversational podcasts and videos, our clients know we are using our knowledge, creativity and expertise to help them succeed.

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Common Cents

Common Cents & Good Riddance to 2020

Given the way Christmas and New Year’s Day fell on the calendar, the past two weeks have been pretty slow in the investment industry, at least relatively. Judging from trading volumes, along with other data, it…

Trading Perspectives Podcast

Trading Perspectives #119

Congress just recently passed a new COVID-19 relief package coupled with $1.4 trillion spending bill.  When AOC and Ted Cruz are both in agreement in saying they have not had enough time to read the bill…

Common Cents

Common Cents for December 4th, 2020

This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced the US economy created 245K net, new payroll jobs during November. Ordinarily, that would be a pretty good number, great even, for one month. However, as we…

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The Oakworth website, mobile app and online banking are getting a new look! On Thursday you will see our new website and mobile app. Updates include a brand refresh, a new, consolidated online banking login screen…