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We believe communication is the key to successful client relationships. While sharing useful information is beneficial, regardless of source, Oakworth believes in the value proposition of developing and having its own experts and ideas. By generating our own market commentaries, economic newsletters, topical subject analysis and serials, and even conversational podcasts and videos, our clients know we are using our knowledge, creativity and expertise to help them succeed.

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Common Cents & Anti-Joking Around

My daughter and I largely share the same sense of humor. We often find comedy in things which many people wouldn’t. For instance, there is a certain type of joke called an anti-joke which you either…

Common Cents & FOMO

What should I write about today? That the data suggests we are NOT on the verge of economic Armageddon? That the Federal Reserve does NOT appear poised to crush the economy in order to throttle inflation?…

Common Cents

Common Cents & Recession

Some years ago, a wise person told me the true definition of an economic downturn is: “having to go without stuff your grandparents wouldn’t have dreamed of having in the first place.” I am not sure…

Common Cents

Common Cents & Good Friday

When compared to the relative ease of last year, 2022 has been akin to what an old boss of mine might have called “dragging a mule through the mud.” The crazy thing about that sentence isn’t…

An Update on Inflation’s Silver Linings

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for March 2022. This is the most commonly used inflation gauge in the United States, and the investment markets were anxiously awaiting…