Enhanced Treasury Management Options

Oakworth Online Banking Treasury Management Enhancements are coming to all Commercial Clients on January 25th 

These features include security enhancements such as Multifactor authorization (email, text, or security questions), reporting updates, and easier wire authorization for single approvers.

Enhancements include:

  • Multifactor Authentication Login – Providing an extra layer of security when logging into your online banking platform. You will have the option after entering Access ID and passcode to be able to choose one of three options for an additional layer of security. They include receiving a one-time pin via your email in online banking, a text message with the one-time pin (if you are not set up for text messaging, we have a how-to video that will show you every step), or just answering your security questions that you set up when enrolling into online banking. This feature helps secure your online information and confirms your identity and authorization. Our goal is to provide additional security to keep your information safe.
  • Enhanced Balance Reporting – Includes the ability to create custom balance reports that provide granular details, save favorite templates, load favorite templates, and ability to export multiple accounts into formats including BAI II, CSV, or TSV. files
  • Single Wire Authorization – For clients who do not need multiple approval processes for wire transactions, this will provide the ability to use a one-time pin secure text authorization in the wire process. Like the new log-in process, this extra step to authorize the wire will provide an extra layer of protection to ensure a smooth and secure wire process. Please see any of our Treasury Management Team if you have any questions.
  • ACH Company ID Management Tool – Manage ACH Company ID used in the creation of ACH originated batches. This will allow Oakworth Capital to set up and manage ACH Company IDs for the Focus Customers. It helps to control the Company IDs when clients are originating ACH batches in OLB, plus helps to streamline the process of exception items, ACH returns, and notification of changes.

Please watch our short How-To Videos regarding the steps and processes needed for the Multifactor Authorization and The How-To Set up Single Wire Transfers with One-Time Pin access. Both are about 3 minutes in length and provide clear and precise steps needed to be comfortable with these enhancements.

If you still need help with these enhancements, please reach out to our Solutions Group to help walk you through the process at (205) 263-4700