Hal & Jeff Bissell

People do Business with People, not Institutions.

HAL: We’ve been working with Oakworth for about three years. I had worked with some of their key folks before they started the bank; so I knew who I was dealing with. Once they formed Oakworth it was only a matter of time before I moved my finances to them.

JEFF: After a couple of years working with them on the commercial side, I moved my personal banking over. People do business with people, not institutions. They were so responsive with Air Engineers, so personal in the way they handled our business, it was an easy decision to move my personal banking.

HAL: We think of Oakworth as part of our team. We have business loans with them and they handle our transactional banking as well. I believe you have to have a strong relationship with your lending institution. It strengthens your company. It’s important that the people you do business with on the bank side believe in what you’re doing and want you to succeed. That’s part of what fuels your success.

At Oakworth, they are always looking for ways to grow our company. They are very dialed in to the way we operate. You can’t ask for better team members.

JEFF: And their technology is a game changer. We use their remote capture for all of our deposits. I use the @Oakworth mobile app for my personal banking.

We’ve been so inspired by the paperless aspect of banking with Oakworth it’s actually transforming the way we do business.

The process is so streamlined it saves us significant time and money. It’s just smart banking. I can see the day where we’re able to extend that paperless way of doing business to our own customers. It just makes sense.

HAL: One of the things you worry about with changing banks is the whole transition. With Oakworth, the change was seamless. Obviously, there was new technology to become acquainted with, which meant we had to change some internal procedures. But once we got through that brief period, we were working more smoothly than ever before.

JEFF: I also like the fact that they are so responsive. There are always questions and needs that pop up. Oakworth is always on it. And quickly. You can tell by the way Oakworth operates that there is strong leadership at the top, and a service ethic that you hardly find anywhere anymore — a commitment to taking care of customers that pervades the entire organization.