Bob Alston

When I first bought into Clark Personnel, the business was with a much larger bank that was way more focused on selling product than they were on cultivating relationships. I grew dissatisfied with that bank for a number of reasons and thus reached out to Lee Hammons, who now currently sits as Oakworth’s Market Leader in South Alabama.  He was at another bank at the time but I took my business to him and we immediately developed a great relationship. I knew when Lee decided to move to a new bank it was going to be something good.  

Right out of the gate, my experience with Oakworth has been all about service. I was happy to find that Oakworth and my business shared a number of common philosophies — how to treat clients and how to problem solve, among other things. My business decisions all became so much simpler. My growth plans fell right in line with Oakworth.  

Anytime I needed something or needed to think out loud, I could call Oakworth. Business, personal, even my children (in high school) could call Oakworth and get help. When it came time to sell the business in 2022, I didn’t even consider moving my wealth management relationship to anyone else. The conversation actually began with my wanting to grow the business even bigger and acquire other businesses. I consulted with Oakworth about the right path, and I decided that selling was a better option for me and for the company. Oakworth worked hand-in-hand with me to find buyers I was comfortable with and helped me all the way through the sale. It wasn’t just about me, either… I wanted my employees in safe hands, too. It was seamless and easy.  

They were my commercial bank, my personal bank, and now handle my wealth relationship.  

Everything was handled exactly how it was supposed to be.