Some Common Cents for May 20th 2016

I can’t remember with certainty all the various Literature courses I took in college, but it safe to say it was more than the core curriculum required. In truth, we didn’t have a lot of patsy, easy A type classes with which to pad the old GPA, and those we did have normally didn’t carry the same number of credit hours. As a result, the school pretty much required you to attempt to learn something with your non-required course load. Whether any of us did is a different story altogether.

If you think back on what your professors forced you to read, you will probably recall a few books you liked, and probably an equal measure of those you didn’t. One of the works I didn’t favor was The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. If you have never read it, let me give you a 1¢ synopsis: this dude kills a bird with a crossbow, which, for some reason, brings misfortune upon the voyage. Everyone eventually dies but for him, which seems rather unfair, and the ship ultimately sinks in an eddy. The end …Read On…

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