Some Common Cents for March 11th 2016

Now that cooler heads have prevailed in the markets, the news, if you want to call it that, has shifted decidedly towards the Presidential campaigns. Although Bernie Sanders has performed better than most people would have dared imagine this time last year, he is poised for a brutal beating on March 15. So much so, he will likely throw in the proverbial towel the next day. Things on the Republican side are a little different.

If Kasich can squeak by in Ohio, he will hang around for a few more states, before eventually saying adios. Rubio? If the polls in Florida are the truth, he will be out of the race by this time next week. Heck, if you can’t win your own state, and recent polls have Trump up in the Sunshine State by anywhere from 9-23%, it is hard to imagine Marco thinking he can make up ground elsewhere.…Read On…