Some Common Cents for July 15th 2016


The cover of The Economist for the first week of November 1997 is one of my all time favorites. Here it is, and a quick note to the good folks at the magazine: I am not making a dime from this, but thanks:

If you are reading this on your phone, you might have a hard time reading the captions. On the far left, a broker is telling a client over the phone “I’ve got a good stock here that could really excel.”

The man standing next to him overhears the conversation, and wonders: “Really excel?”

This quickly turns into ‘sell,’ which leads to panicked selling.

In the bottom panel, you see one of the mob putting on his hat to leave, saying: “This is madness! I can’t take anymore. Good bye!” Of course, this turns goes from ‘bye’ to ‘buy’ in a hurry, and a buying frenzy erupts. In the far bottom right, the broker is again seen talking on the phone: “I’ve got a stock here.”  …Read On…

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