Some Common Cents for January 9th 2015

Yesterday, we met with a new client at a German restaurant in Huntsville. He had been an aerospace engineer during his career, and had developed a taste for German food while working on the Skylab and other projects during the 1960s and 1970s. I suppose this was thanks to the large number of Germans the US government shuttled off to northeast Alabama after World War II to work on the space program.

The pickled herring appetizer wasn’t terribly appetizing, but I had ordered it primarily to see my co-worker’s face as he bit into a piece of bait. Our client and my co-worker both had schnitzel of some variety, and I had goulash served over spätzle with red cabbage on the side. This was a rib-sticking lunch to be sure, but the fascinating conversation more than made up for the damage I was doing to my system…Read On…

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