Some Common Cents for February 26th 2016

When I became the de facto ‘chief economist’ at my previous employer in, what, 2001, I assumed the responsibility of making any number of public presentations about the economy and markets. Since I don’t mind speaking in front of a crowd and most of my then co-workers did, this was no skin off my back. 15 years later, I will tell the 1st Quarter and the 4th Quarter are the busiest for talks, by far. Further, the worst the situation appears, the more I am in demand, although I am not sure that word is completely accurate.

This year is no different, as I have made, I think, 8 presentations to various groups and in differing levels of detail thus far in 2016. In a lot of ways, it is kind of the same old schtick for me, but it is all brand new to most in attendance. As you can imagine, this being an election year, folks are interested in just how the Presidential race will impact everything moving forward …Read On…

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