Some Common Cents for August 21st 2015

untitledaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaI started and stopped this newsletter several times today, as I would write a full paragraph; read it, and then delete it for being, I don’t know, redundant. There is/was no shortage of other similar commentary available on the Internet, so why reinvent the wheel? After each deletion, I would go back to the stock ticker, and get a sick feeling in my stomach. Sure, this job can be fun when the markets are making money; however, it is an absolute nightmare when they aren’t.

With that said, everyone knows the old saws the industry throws about. You know, about the importance of being a long-term investor, and not freaking out when the market freaks out. After all, history suggests a well-diversified portfolio will ultimately recoup any losses you don’t realize. Of course, I have to say something like “past performance is not indicative of future results,” even if the odds say it normally is, at least to a degree…Read On…

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