Some Common Cents for April 29th 2016

Back in the day, many pop songs were basically poems set to music. The industry referred to artists making this type of music as singer/songwriters. It didn’t matter how bad the prose actually was, as long as the tune was catchy. Having Ray Manzarek on the keyboards was certainly a bonus, and fans of The Doors know what I mean.

In my opinion, one of the better examples of this type of music was/is a song called “If,” which David Gates wrote and performed as the lead singer of the oddly named group Bread. Trust me, I am stepping out a little bit here, as this is kind of an uncool song to admit to liking. If you want to get blood pumping, drink some strong black coffee and listen to “L.A. Woman.” If you want to impress a female with your supposed sensitive side, buy a bottle of Pinot Gris and play “If.” …Read On…

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