Norris: Income inequality is about to accelerate

The other day, I saw an advertisement on the television for a company which delivers snacks to your house. While I doubt executive management would put it like that, that about sums it up. My initial reaction was: “Are are we really so lazy we can’t even go to the store to stuff our face between meals?”

My second one was wondering where the pretzels and ranch dressing were. What was this with all the healthy stuff and the theatrics with the cocoa powder? They were talking about snacks, right? Then it dawned on me; maybe I just don’t get it. Perhaps I have become the crusty old man who used to walk to school uphill both ways in the driving snow and pouring rain.

To be sure, there are great changes afoot in our country’s economy, and maybe snack delivery is one of them. I strongly believe technology has advanced to the point where all but a small percent of the workforce is completely fungible. A somewhat larger number of folks realize they are, and take steps to differentiate themselves. However, I would argue the majority of American workers either don’t truly appreciate their redundancy.

(Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser on July 25th, 2017)