Happy Birthday to Oakworth! Celebrating 5 Years This Week!

What is your competitive advantage? What sets you or your firm apart from the rest of the maddening crowd? How do you add value? Do you even know how you do or if you do?

The Official Tourism Resource of the State of Mississippi (Mississippi) has recently been running an advertising campaign advising people to “find your true South.”  Since regionalism and regional pride is probably strongest in the Deep South, this undoubtedly sounded like a great idea to someone, or everyone, in that organization. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a Southerner? People from other parts of the country are chomping at the bit to “find their true South,’ and just don’t know it yet. Right?

Does Maryland run ads admonishing people to “find your true Mid-Atlantic”? Does Massachusetts want people to “find their true North?” How many times have folks from Indiana pleaded with you to “find your true Mid-West”? Does Nova Scotia run tourism ads telling people to “find your true Maritimes”? Of course not. …Read On…

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