Column: Will Bitcoin craze last?

Whenever I write anything about Bitcoin, I receive a number of emails from, um, well-wishers calling me any number of colorful names, to put it politely. It seems people have really strong opinions about their cryptocurrencies. Anyone who isn’t completely onboard with them is a Luddite, or worse, as I found out in no uncertain terms.

I have a friend who knows my general opinion on Bitcoin, and he has been quick to tell me how much it went up in price in 2016. Surely, this must be the start of something wonderful for his two-coin investment, and I hope it is for his sake. However, I still can’t wrap my head around cryptocurrencies as generally accepted mediums of exchange. If for no other reason, there seems to be few barriers to entry, outside of the brilliance of a handful of people smart enough to write the necessary algorithms. What are their parameters? How do we keep them from adhering to them?  (Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser on January 18th, 2017)