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Common Cents

Some Common Cents for April 22nd 2016

This past Wednesday, my teenage son asked me if I had heard the news about the redesign of the $20 bill, and I simply responded: “yes, I have.” His facial expression suggested he was expecting something…

Common Cents

Some Common Cents for March 25th 2016

Everything seemed to be going along so nicely in the markets. Cooler heads had finally prevailed, and the Federal Reserve seemed to be ‘on board’ with the reality of the situation. That is, it appeared the…

Common Cents

Some Common Cents for May 8th 2015

This week, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen gave the investing world a meaty headline when she opined that stocks are overvalued, generally speaking that is. Almost immediately, tongue wagging pundits started comparing her comments to Alan Greenspan’s…