What is your biggest prediction for 2015?

I have been making economic and market predictions for the better part of two decades, and it gets more difficult each year. The reason is simple: we have access to so much information in our society, it is almost impossible to decide where to start.

In simpler times, folks wanted you to guess at the year-end level on the Dow Industrials, and that was about it. Today, I get questions on a whole host of intricate topics. Trust me, it isn’t terribly rewarding to give clients non-answers like: “I don’t know what the market price for linear low-density polyethylene will be. However, climatologists are predicting a heavy hurricane season in the Gulf, which will drive up natural gas prices, and, therefore, polyethylene in general. So prices will probably depend more on low pressure systems off West Africa than on end consumer demand.”… Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser January 4th 2015

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