Bill Pay Upgrade FAQ

This FAQ is intended for Oakworth Capital Bill Pay clients as they prepare for the upgrade to Bill Pay 2.0.

Q. Why is FIS discontinuing the current Bill Pay system (Payment Central) and upgrading clients to Bill Pay 2.0?
A. Payment Central is an older version of Bill Pay. Bill Pay 2.0 offers Oakworth Capital a high-value service that can better position our clients to take advantage of future bill pay enhancements and meets most Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA accessibility recommendations.

Q. When will this upgrade take place?
A. The current target date is May 19, 2022.

Q. What is needed to do the upgrade?
A. No action is required by our clients for this upgrade.

Q. What does the upgrade cost?
A. There is no cost to our clients to upgrade to Bill Pay 2.0.

Q. What if we do not want to upgrade?
A. The upgrade is mandatory to provide a better client experience.

Q. What if there are post-upgrade issues?
A. If you have any issues after the upgrade, please reach out to Oakworth’s Solution Group at 205-263-4700. We will be happy to get you back up and running.

Q. What are the benefits of upgrading to Bill Pay 2.0?
A. Bill Pay 2.0 builds on the current Bill Pay foundation by allowing clients to quickly determine which bills need to be paid and view payments that have been processed since the last login. Additional benefits and features of Bill Pay 2.0 that are new:

  • Sort billers in call-to-action order.
  • Choose a payment view (pay multiple bills with the click of a single button or pay one bill at a time).
  • Add billers suggested based on geographic location.
  • Forecast the impact of transaction activity with a balance worksheet.
  • View payment and e-bill history data in graphs.
  • Show and hide billers.
  • Receive system-generated reminders based on previous payment behavior.
  • Select a funding account for each payment; Bill Pay remembers the last account used.

Q. What are the new features that come with Bill Pay 2.0?
A. In addition to the familiar features for scheduling and reviewing payments, the upgraded user interface includes these new options for added convenience:

  • Balance Worksheet: Clients can view and plan payments related to their account balance(s).
  • Smart Reminders: When clients make more than one payment to a Smart Reminder-eligible payee, they will automatically be reminded to pay again. Payees are eligible based on how all clients across FIS clients pay them. Payees with regular frequencies, such as utilities, insurance and some credit cards, are Smart Reminder eligible.
  • Graphical Reporting: Reports now include graphs.
  • Multi-pay View: Clients can pay bills one at a time or more than one bill at a time.

Q. What happens with payments that are in process or scheduled for a future date?
A. The upgrade will not impact payments. Payment history, in-process and scheduled payments will be available in the updated user interface.

Q. What will happen with my e-bills?
A. The upgrade will not impact e-bills. Clients will have access to view and pay existing e-bills; view reports and historical e-bills; and establish new e-bills in the upgraded user interface.

Q. Will existing automatic payment rules persist in Bill Pay 2.0?
A. Automatic payment rules remain active and available for clients. All existing automatic payments will persist in the Bill Pay 2.0 user interface.

Q. What happens with payees in an inactive status?
A. If a payee is inactive prior to the upgrade, the payee will be active but hidden in the Bill Pay 2.0 user interface. The new user interface does not support inactive payees, but clients can manage infrequently used payees using the Show/Hide feature or by creating a Custom View that excludes a payee.

Q. Will existing customized payee groups persist in Bill Pay 2.0?
A. No. Clients must create payee groups in the Bill Pay 2.0 user interface.