Dr. Ben Fulmer

The much awaited end of the brick-and-mortar bank.

I have long been friends with the President & CEO of Oakworth. So, when I first heard the plans for Oakworth, I knew they would be creating a very special bank and decided to become an investor. It was a simple decision to move my personal and business banking to Oakworth, not only because I was invested in the bank, but because of the service level Oakworth provides. Ours is a thriving medical practice with the sorts of financial and operational challenges that come with this type of business. From a personal perspective, I have teenage boys. So, between the practice and my home life, there are many levels of complexity.

Oakworth cuts through all of that with a combination of technology and personal service. They work hard to streamline and simplify banking transactions and financial management.

One way Oakworth simplifies the day-to-day business of banking is through their use of technology. I find their mobile app quite useful for my personal banking. I also bank online. Likewise, from a business standpoint, I integrate the use of technology as often as possible. While integrating technology is often a challenge, I’ve had none of the complications you often hear about with respect to banking technology. Their remote deposit technology is easy to use and we were able to incorporate it into our daily operations with ease. Along the same lines, moving my business to Oakworth was astoundingly simple. The prospect of changing banks is generally daunting. But, with Oakworth, the process was like everything else they do: customer-centric and straightforward. In fact, the Oakworth staff took care of most of the labor.

In my opinion, the days of multiple bank branches are over. Oakworth has proven that by combining first-rate technology and unwavering personal service. There is simply no need for brick and mortar branches. Oakworth allows me to use any ATM or point-of-sale terminal out there without paying any fees. And, when I do need to visit Oakworth, it’s simple. My client advisor is almost always available. And if I can’t reach him, there’s always somebody else who can help me. It’s an incredibly efficient way to do business. I can recommend Oakworth with no reservations whatsoever.