Some Common Cents for May 30 2014

Last week, I went into the kitchen at the office to get a cup of coffee. A co-worker of mine was in there eating breakfast, and it looked pretty good. So, I asked him what it was, and he told me ‘a breakfast bowl.’ Fair enough, but just what was in it? Scrambled eggs, grits, an d bacon, in pretty copious amounts I must add.

But was it good? Obviously, that is a stupid question because: 1) scrambled eggs are good, and; 2) so are grits (when done correctly), and; 3) bacon is awesome, as just about any non-kosher carnivore or omnivore will tell you. He said as much, and told me it had run him $4.00 at the new deli on the bottom floor of our building.

I laughed at said: “Well, he better sell a lot of $4.00 breakfast bowls if he plans on staying in business.” …Read On…

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