Some Common Cents for July 31, 2015



This week, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced the US economy grew at a 2.3% annualized rate during 2Q 2015. It made all sorts of revisions to previous estimates, bringing up 1Q 2015 GDP to 0.6% from negative territory, and taking 2013 down to 1.5% from 2.3% among other changes. While the numbers might have changed, the story didn’t: the US economy has been growing at a tepid rate for a pretty long period of time.

Unless something dramatic happens in the last 6 months of this year, we will have gone a full decade since the US had a 3% GDP growth rate in any calendar year. By this measure, the last 10 years, when combined, have been the weakest 10-year cycle since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, no serious analyst sees any real significant change in the foreseeable future…Read On…

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