Some Common Cents for February 19th 2016

apple-inc-and-the-british-authorities-go-head-to-head-over-encryption-policI got a number of emails in response to last week’s newsletter, and let me say one thing: I am not advocating the US Treasury blithely print a bunch of additional money. No; the point was the quickest cure for deflation and a cripplingly strong currency is to simply make more of it, and pronto. Quantitative easing and deficit spending are as slow as molasses by comparison.

Then, I would like to add: what a difference a week makes! No, we probably aren’t completely out of the woods, but the mood of the market seems to have changed pretty dramatically in a relatively short period of time. In truth, while we aren’t expecting massive results this year, we made no bones about it to our clients: unless something completely unpredictable happens, something way out of the ether, the markets will likely be higher at the end of the year than they were before this week’s rally …Read On…

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