Norris: Washington should focus on economic growth

A lot of folks have asked my opinion on the Administration’s tax reform proposals. I think I have surprised them with my less than sophisticated response: anything is better than doing nothing. As the old saying goes, if you are standing still, you are falling behind.

In helping run a trust and wealth management department, our Byzantine tax code benefits me professionally. I couldn’t argue otherwise and keep a straight face. Folks will go to some lengths to either postpone or try to avoid paying a hefty tax bill, and this often includes various trust accounts and other tax deferred vehicles. That shouldn’t come as a shock, but as I tell everyone: “the IRS will eventually get its money, even if it has to wait a while.”

I guess you can say I have seen how some of the sausage is made, and it detrimentally impacts the free flow of capital throughout our economy.  (Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser on May 1st, 2017)