Dr. Jenny Sobera

Smart banking is more than skin deep.

I own a practice that offers general and cosmetic dermatology. There’s also a retail skin-care product component — which means I deal with medical insurance and cash. My relationship with Oakworth began a few years ago. I had grown consistently over six years and needed to move into a larger space. I also had some very specific growth plans. So, I needed a loan.

I did my homework and shopped around — ended up meeting with the person who would eventually become my client advisor. The first thing that struck me was his enthusiasm. He seemed genuinely interested in my plans, in what I was trying to accomplish. The thing is, I might have gotten that response from just about any bank. But, there’s a fundamental difference between people who are enthusiastic because they want your business and people who are enthusiastic about your business.

After meeting with Oakworth, I became convinced that the folks at Oakworth were truly excited about my business. And the service I’ve experienced since going with Oakworth bears that out. They genuinely care about my success.

I would never have believed in this day and time that service from a bank could be so personal. If I need something and can’t get over to the bank, they come to me. If I have an issue, I call my client advisor. In fact, he’s put together a team of advisors who truly get my business. So, the advice I get from Oakworth…well, you just can’t put a price on that. And whenever I go over there, it’s as if everybody knows me.

People ask me if the fact that they have one location is an issue, and the answer is simply, “No.” I use remote deposit, do my banking online, and I use their app. In fact, banking with them actually saves time. I don’t consider these people just bankers. They are personal, trusted advisors. And there’s a big difference.