Deepa Bhate

The balance of tech and touch.

My connection to Oakworth runs deep. Not only does my company bank with Oakworth, but I personally use their services for my banking needs as well. My husband and I bank with Oakworth, employ their wealth management services, and even own stock in the bank. So, technically, my opinion is not entirely unbiased. On the other hand, as a stockholder, I’m one of Oakworth’s most discerning critics and I can say, without any reservations whatsoever, that Oakworth provides an unusually high level of service.

My client advisor was at another bank and he gave me sound advice when we purchased our home. So, when he moved banks, we stayed in touch. When I decided to explore the option of changing banks for both my company and my personal banking needs, he was my first call. Changing banks is not an easy task. In fact, most controllers would rather cut their arm off than switch banks. Our experience switching to Oakworth was fantastic; it was seamless and pain free! Our associates in the company never even realized we had made the change because it was so well organized.

My Oakworth advisor is extremely responsive. I can call him at any time — outside of business hours and during the weekend. No matter the situation, my call is returned within a couple of hours. For that matter, I can call anybody at Oakworth and receive the same level of service. Oakworth has assembled a team that takes care of my needs and takes the time to truly understand my personal and business financial needs – they know what will work best for both.

I am more than busy running a company, and I don’t have time to study the markets. My Oakworth team is there to take care of my investments and stay one step ahead of the markets.

They meet with us once a month to review my accounts. I rest easy knowing that Oakworth has my back and I simply don’t have to worry about managing my banking.

Oakworth has also done a very good job leveraging technology. My controller is able to handle our business transactions from his desk or a mobile device. And, more often than not, Oakworth comes to me to handle the transactions I need to handle. It’s an interesting mix of personal touch and technology that works perfectly for me as well as for Building & Earth.