Bob Mitchell

Banking 101: It’s all about the relationship

I sat on the board of a local non-profit back in ’08 during the financial crisis. We needed help, and Oakworth was among those invited to present how they could assist us. I was so impressed with Oakworth’s presentation, I went home that evening and, after reviewing their website, knew that I’d be banking with them even if the non-profit didn’t. (It did.) I read about executives with abundant banking experience, and saw several good friends sprinkled throughout the organization. Right away, I set up an appointment and met with them.

A few days later, I sat in the Oakworth offices discussing my needs. They asked a lot of questions and took their time figuring out how to best help me. It hit me that their focus is holistic.

It was about unifying my personal and business goals. They wanted to help me reach my destination. It wasn’t about them; it was about me.

I was confident they wanted what was best for me and that our values were in sync with one another. I am all about Oakworth’s devotion to customer service. It’s similar to how I manage Odyssey — we’re not the least expensive childcare option, but we offer the greatest level of service available anywhere at a marginal cost difference. At any rate, I moved all of my personal and business banking to Oakworth and now they have all of my mortgages.

The transition from my former banks couldn’t have been easier. Oakworth’s team visited my schools and worked with my staff to set up our remote check-deposit system. They handled everything! They demonstrated how their app allows me to deposit checks from literally anywhere. And, their online banking system is completely flexible. In fact, it links all of my accounts. I can manage everything anytime, anywhere.

In my years with Oakworth, I’ve developed a deep respect for how service permeates their organization. From hand-written birthday cards, to meeting me outside the bank at the curb to notarize a document, to being greeted by name by virtually everybody when I’m there, it’s simply been the best banking relationship I’ve ever experienced.

If you’re looking for a true relationship with your bank, and want to feel like you really matter, call Oakworth.