Bew White

Bew White

Smart people. Smart Technology. Smarter Banking.

I’ve known these folks since before they first started Oakworth and decided to start banking with them really early on. What I like most about Oakworth is their incredible staff.

They’re there to help you at the tip of a hat. More importantly, they understand business owners.

They know what it’s like to be juggling everything you have to juggle and they know what it’s like to have to manage all the different aspects of a business. So, they’re always looking after you. You’d never bounce a check with this bank — not that I would ever bounce a check — but it would just never happen because they would pick up the phone and call you first, where any other bank would just slam you with an overdraft fee. They just think about service differently.

It’s not just about service though. It’s also about services. By that I mean I like the way they do banking. I like being able to deposit a check with my cell phone. I like being able to do my banking online. I like not having to physically go to the bank to get things done. I use pretty much every service they have to offer. I use the @Oakworth mobile app for my private banking, I have commercial loans and conduct my day-to-day commercial banking with them. I also use their wealth management services.

If I had to choose one reason I am so loyal to Oakworth, it would be my client advisor. He knows me. He knows my business.

I depend on him and his team for advice. Since they know me so well, it’s made it easy to determine whether I am making good business decisions.