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Common Cents

Some Common Cents for January 6th 2016

Over the holidays, I watched the Will Ferrell movie “Elf” on two occasions. Although I don’t normally like that sort of silly/slapstick humor, there is enough of a story there to make it work. All told,…

Common Cents

Some Common Cents for April 4th 2014

Ah, the first Friday of the month. That can only mean one thing: the Employment Situation report. What will it tell us about the strength of the US economy? Are employers adding jobs, or cutting them?…

Common Cents

Some Common Cents for July 5th 2013

This morning’s Employment Situation report was better than most people anticipated. The economy created some 195K new payrolls during June, and all seems well with the world. Why in the heck would anyone look a gift horse in…