Some Common Cents for October 4th 2013

This morning, a co-worker and I were having a conversation about the Federal government shutdown, and how that could be impacting investor confidence. He, I will call him, I don’t know, Jim Williams, asked me what I thought the single biggest concern of Oakworth clients is. To which I responded:

“Jim, as an Oakworth associate, you are supposed to be taking care of our clients’ concerns for them. “

We both laughed, and he asked me the same question, again, this time letting me know he was serious. So, I replied: “Jim, most people really want to know where they can get a decent, absolute rate of interest without taking too much risk.” It really is as simple as that. Hey, our deposit rates are as good as any in our market, but, in absolute terms our hands are tied by US monetary policy.  …Read On…

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