Some Common Cents for October 2nd 2015

weekI will be more than happy to see this week in the rearview mirror.

After a great weekend seeing old friends at my 25th college reunion, I came back to a rusted out, or busted one, pipe in our walls. Since there wasn’t a good access point, we had to rip down a bunch of sheetrock to get to it. Also on Monday, my daughter’s car broke down, and, boy, wasn’t that a fun check to write? To add insult to injury, our internet/WiFi, television, and even telephone went out, just as my kids were blowing the roof off our data plan. Do you want to know what fun is? Having the service down at the house as your kids live it up on LTE while you are at work, at an extra $15 per gigabyte. Of course, the provider lets you know about this after the fact with nice text messages throughout the day…Read On…

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