Some Common Cents for November 4th, 2016

This week, a client told me my recent newsletters have taken the tone of a frustrated poet. I laughed and told them there was an element of truth to that. After all, the markets seem to be paying attention to only two things at present: 1) the Federal Reserve, and; 2) the Presidential election. How much more insight can any one individual provide over the reams of paper commentators, including yours truly, have already devoted to the subjects? At some point, you start repeating yourself, let alone others, by beating those dead horses.

To that end, many of the columnists and analysts I particularly like have also delved into the arcane, waxed philosophic, and opined on abstracts more than usual. In so many ways, ‘we’ in the investment/economic industry have become arty worrywarts. Let me attempt to dispel that today:

First, here are my thoughts on the Presidential election:

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