Some Common Cents for May 5, 2017

Years ago,  I tied myself in knots over little league baseball. Gosh, it seemed so important at the time, and my son was a pretty decent player. However, I resisted the siren song of hiring batting and fielding coaches for my son, despite much advice such things were absolutely necessary for his success. Perhaps he would still be playing the game had I done so. Only The Shadow knows, but I doubt it.

My contention was, and still would be, a batting coach will potentially improve an already good hitter, but, and here is a country cliché for you, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. If a kid doesn’t have some minimum level of eye-hand coordination, no amount of ‘coaching’ is going to turn them into a great player. For my part, I thought it an extraneous expense in the 2nd and 3rd grades, but would have willingly shelled it out had my son stuck with the sport up to middle school. He didn’t, and I didn’t force him to do so.

That old bumpkin phrase about silk purses and sow’s ears is pretty appropriate for a lot of things in life, whether it be elementary school athletes, local economies, or even individual companies. There has to be something from which to build. …Read More…

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