Some Common Cents for May 25, 2014

untitledAs a general rule, I don’t like casinos. Yes, I have been to a few, and, yes, I have even had a good time on occasion. However, the whole concept of a casino seems more than a little underhanded, and I have always felt a little worse for the wear whenever I leave one.

The reason is simple: the odds aren’t in your favor. If they were, there wouldn’t be any money in it for the casino owner, and, ergo, there wouldn’t be any casinos. Basically, if you even had a 50/50 shot at winning, Las Vegas would be a dusty cattle town with a bus stop, and little else.

Simply put, the average person, not a dedicated professional, will lose all of their money if they only stay at the tables and/or machines long enough. The more you understand how to play, the longer you can hang around. Unfortunately, the longer you stay, the more the casino plies you with ‘free booze.’ This dulls your decision making ability, and empties your pockets that much faster.…Read On…

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