Some Common Cents for March 3rd, 2017

I apologize for not sending out a newsletter last week, but it wasn’t for the lack of effort. The truth of the matter is, at about 3:30 last Friday afternoon, I read what I had been writing intermittently throughout the day, and thought to myself: “Really, Norris? God gave you a brain, an above average ability to express yourself, and some semblance of typing skills AND this is the best you can do?” Oh, it wasn’t the worst thing I have ever put out there, but it still wasn’t good. So, I simply save the half-finished file, and hit the bricks at the appropriate time.

This week, I have read any number of articles about a so-called bubble in ‘passive investments.’ This has both bemused and frustrated me at the same. The problem I have with the discussion is the use of the word ‘bubble.’ Since I have been around this industry for a long time, I can read between the lines a little. However, most people reading these articles are going to process the word bubble as ‘dot.com’ or ‘sub-prime housing.’ Those of us with gray hair might even harken back to ‘Japanese banking and real estate.’

As a result, what is really a discussion or analysis about the increasing popularity of a particular method of investing becomes a worst case scenario in the mind of the reader, a la 2000-2002 and 2008. I suppose you can say there are bubbles and then there are bubbles.

One of the better columns I read on the matter came from a John Stepek, a writer for MoneyWeek in the UK. Instead of reinventing the wheel, and paraphrasing and plagiarizing in the process, let me simply cut & paste some pertinent parts of his extremely well written article. I freely admit I changed the British spelling of certain words to American (‘Murica Baby): …Read More…

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