Some Common Cents for June 24th 2016

how-would-brexit-affect-expats-pensions-residency-jobs-and-healthcare-136406074460703901-160513131752Hmm. What to write about today?

Last night, I stayed up pretty late watching the BBC report the results of the ‘Brexit’ referendum. I had one eye on the TV screen and another on my iPhone watching global stock futures; it wasn’t pretty. After the vote became a fait accompli, I went to bed knowing today was going to be, well, less than fun, with more than enough red ink to fill the wells of every bureaucrat in the EU.

But, other than the predictable short-term market freak out, what does Britain voting to leave the European Union actually mean? After giving this much thought, before and after the referendum, I can only answer that with: it depends on just how petulant everyone is…Read On…

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