Some Common Cents for June 21st 2013

There are a lot of bright people in this country, or so I have heard. Any number of them are in the financial services sector, which might not be the highest and best use of our nation’s human capital, but the industry has historically paid pretty well. It pays really well when you consider the complete lack of physical effort a job in my field requires. Heck, even doctors have to occasionally stand up to examine their patients, perform surgeries, look through microscopes, or whatever it is they actually do.

I guess what I am trying to say is the collective brainpower of a group of really smart people is often less than the sum of the individuals. Put another way: when thinking and acting as one, a group of geniuses can often be, well, moronic. Once upon a time, in a simpler day and age, when people were less easily offended, the clinical definition of a moron was someone who had an IQ between 50-75. There is my ‘fun fact’ for the day…Read On…

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