Some Common Cents for June 12, 2015

Last night, I had my parents over for dinner. As usual, my father veered off into current events almost as soon as he sat down. Let’s just say the pace of societal change has him a little perplexed, which I can certainly appreciate. A lot has changed over the last, well, umpteen years, and it seems to be accelerating, thanks to our  instantaneous access to information. That, and the need for all these news services to fill up 24/7/365 with “newsy” items that get clicks, likes, and shares.

When I told him I had enough other things to worry about than some of the things on which he has been focused, he shifted to the following: “How much longer can the stock market keep doing this? We have to have a day of reckoning like we had in 2008 sometime soon.”

No, he didn’t ask for my opinion, as he considered his observation a mere statement of the obvious. This even though he has never worked in the investment industry, and I have. Oh well, I am still a kid in his eyes, regardless of the fact my hair is basically white as snow.

The thing is, my dad isn’t alone in his contention…Read On…