Some Common Cents for July 2nd 2015…Happy 4th, y’all…

Last night, my teenaged daughtekeep-calm-and-study-economics-91r was in a snit regarding what she perceives to be the stultifying conservative climate of our comfortable suburb. In truth, she is probably the most liberal of her closest friends; scratch the probably. But how is she liberal? Well, let me give you this, and I paraphrase only a smidgeon of a smidgeon: “Our country is over $17 trillion in debt; the rich keep getting richer; the poor keep getting poorer, and we fight wars all over the world which aren’t even ours. But no one wants to talk about that. All they want to talk about is gay marriage and the Confederate flag.”

Well, when you put it like that, huh? You know, maybe she has a point.


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