Some Common Cents for July 14th, 2017

The other night, I dreamt a massive meteor hit the earth. Since I typically dream in comedy and am not prone to worrying during waking hours, this was both a departure from the norm and somewhat disconcerting. After all, not much good will come out of a cube with 1 mile edges hurtling into the earth from deep space at what could only be described as a very rapid rate of speed.

Perhaps my dream had something to do with recent articles I have read about some really cool developments in astronomy. Maybe it had something to do with the wall of worry over the North Koreans, and others. It very well could be my subconscious is deeply discouraged by what passes for leadership these days, at all levels of society. You know, it is likely an amalgam of numerous peccadillos in the transom of my mind. I have no idea, and I suppose it really doesn’t matter.

After all, the sun will rise in the East tomorrow.

If it doesn’t, the effect to my personal well-being of being hurtled forward at 1,392.26/kilometers per hour while I slept will take care of any temporal worries I might have had. Huh? Well, Birmingham is at 33.5207 degrees latitude, and the speed of the rotation of the earth where I live is equal to cosine(33.5207) times 1,670/kilometers per hour (which is the speed of rotation at the equator). For the sun to not rise in the East, the earth would have to stop revolving. Voila. …Read More…

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