Some Common Cents for July 10th 2015

Untitled-1_2256023kLast week, as everything was hitting the proverbial fan in Greece, I read any number of articles about how Greece had forgiven the debt Germany owed it after World War II, so turnabout should be fair play. I had not known this, but the majority of articles I read on the subject didn’t really go into just how much Greece forgave and the circumstances behind the forgiveness; only that Greece had done so at something call the London Agreement on German External Debt in 1953.

This piqued my curiosity, so I delved into the issue a little further to come up with some hard numbers. After I did so, I started wondering whether the reporters writing on the story were either financially illiterate or knowingly obfuscating the issue. Regardless, the story itself got a lot of tongues wagging on message boards, most of it anti-German and pro-Greek…Read On…

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