Some Common Cents for February 13th 2015

400px-My_Generation_vocal_melody_with_responseI get a lot of questions, and have a lot of conversations about the future; that just goes with the territory. Invariably, and I am not being hyperbolic, there will be some discussion about the so-called Millennial Generation. After all, according to demographic experts, there are more Millennials than there are Baby Boomers. So, I suppose any discussion about the future has to at least make mention of the largest generation in our nation’s history.

However, people my age and older have a hard time getting our collective head around Millennials. Just how do we attract them to our businesses, churches, and other organizations? How do we market to them? What products and services do they want? Truly, the amount of research conducted on trying to compartmentalize this group of young people is staggering…Read On…

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