Some Common Cents for December 13th 2013

Some years ago, I was at the Walt Disney World complex. At the time, Mickey was hard at work selling “remastered animation cels” for what I considered a princely sum, and there seemed to be no shortage of takers. Being a clever mouse, he bandied about the words “rare” and “collectible” like nobody’s business, and the hoi polloi gladly forked over their hard earned money for, what, 1/5,000,000th of a direct to video animated picture.

Buy a piece of history! Buy an authenticated piece of Disney’s animated classic: “Aladdin XXV: Back Into The Lamp and Thrown Into the Sea.” All for the low, low price of $99.95!

I thought then, as I think now, if the words rare and/or collectible are anywhere to be found in the sales pitch or material, walk away from the deal. The reason is simple: if it were truly rare and collectible, the seller probably wouldn’t be selling it for less than $100 and to someone off the street…Read On…

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