Some Common Cents for August 8th 2014

On Wednesday, my wife and I dropped off her car to have her transmission fixed, good times. I mean that money was just burning a hole in my pocket waiting to get out. The guy who owns the shop is a fellow named Joe, who was born and lived the first 19 years of his life in Lebanon. He claimed to be 52. After we had worked out a price, we made small talk for a bit. Joe told me where to get the best falafel in town, which I wouldn’t have guessed, and invited me to attend his church.

I then asked him what he thought about the situation in the Gaza Strip, southern Lebanon, and with the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, figuring he would have an opinion. He did, and it was basically as I suspected: everyone wants to kill everyone else, and we really can’t do anything about it at this point. Then he laughed, and closed with” “why do you think I left there 33 years ago?”

As an aside, if his personality is indicative of his ability to fix transmissions, my wife’s Toyota will be running like a Bugatti by the time Joe gets done with it…Read On…

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