Some Common Cents for August 30 2013

When was the last time Syria made so many headlines? The 6-Day War? Shoot, how many Americans do you think could find Syria on a map, without peeking? Or know the name of the capital? Or even the name of the family who has run it since 1970?

Clearly, what you don’t know can sometimes hurt, or even kill, you. This might be one of those times. Then, again, it might not be. So, how much should we care about Syria? How much should Joe Sickspaque know? Should he know anything? Or should he just go to sleep at right knowing his country can kill people from outer space or from the comfort of a secure room using a joystick, like a video game?

It reminds me of the following scene from one of my favorite movies, “Patton”…Read On…

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