Some Common Cents for August 23 2013

Being a competitive bunch, we have turned it into an “Alabama vs. Auburn” contest, where Tide fans put their offerings in a red box, and Tiger fans put theirs in an orange and blue one. There is a week to go, and it is way too early to declare a winner.

Now, I love food drives like this, and particularly like to win them. So much so, I took my kids to the Wal-Mart on Wednesday night to help me stock up for “my team.” It is important my kids see me acting in a charitable way every now and again, and even more important they understand the need to be charitable.

With that said, I had to resist the strong urge to buy $30 worth of ramen noodles, because that is, without a doubt, the easiest way to win a hunger drive. Since most contests are determined by units, $30 worth of ramen noodles is about 125-150 individual units. Let the other team spend $30 on Ragu spaghetti sauce; that is only about 15 units, maybe 30 if it is “buy one get one free.” Yes, I had to resist that strong urge to set a good example for my kids. …Read On…

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