Some Common Cents for August 12th 2016

Obviously, I haven’t gotten out a newsletter in a few weeks. I was physically out of the office on two of those Fridays, and last week? After getting about halfway through with Common Cents, I decided to actually read what I had written. I will make a long story short, and tell you I decided it best not to send it out; it wasn’t worthy of anything other than wrapping fish. As it was very late in the day, I didn’t have time to start and complete another.

There are no two ways about it: the biggest story in the world is the US Presidential election. While I have long maintained US Presidents receive either too much blame or too much credit for the economy under their watch, the buck has to stop somewhere. With that said, whoever inherits the White House in January will inherit an economy with arguably more headwinds than tailwinds, but one that doesn’t appear to be falling apart either. The last two Presidents didn’t have the same luxury …Read On…

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