2020 Election Projection Part 1: A Blue Wave

It is entirely possible the Democratic Party could sweep to victory in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency. As we all know, President Trump has been polarizing during his time in office. Whether this strictly due to the man or whether it is the new normal to vilify your opponents’ officials remains to be seen. It is probably a combination of the two.

Not so long ago, the low-hanging fruit, the path of least resistance, was to predict the Democrats would maintain the House and win the White House, and the Republicans would retain a slim majority in the Senate. This would have probably led to two years of legislative ‘gridlock’ in Washington, and that was an acceptable outcome to a lot of folks. However, with 23 Republican seats up for grabs compared to only 12 for the Democrats, 3-4 surprises could change the Senate’s complexion. Worrisome for the GOP is 3 Republican Senators are retiring after this term.

So, what could happen if the Democrats are somehow able to ‘pickup’ the necessary seats in the Senate, maintain the House, and sweep the Biden/Harris ticket into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The so-called ‘Blue Wave.’ It isn’t terribly far-fetched.

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