Online Bill Pay Enhancements

Oakworth Capital is continually striving to improve our client experience.  As part of this effort we are improving how we process checks issued through Oakworth Online Bill Pay.  Beginning Sunday, September 1st, Bill Pay checks will now be issued directly on your account and funds will not be withdrawn until the item actually clears your account.  There are several ways we feel this change will benefit you including giving you a true idea of when an item has been received and deposited by the Payee, better tracking of payments and ease of balancing your monthly statement.

There are a few changes to be aware of as we make this change:

  • The check numbering sequence will begin at ‘9000’
  • Checks will either be ‘Scheduled’ or ‘Processed’.  Processed simply indicates that a check has been mailed to the Payee. ‘Pending Payments’ will no longer be displayed as a status for a check.
  • Funds will clear your account, as any normal check does, when the payee deposits at their bank or cashes the check.


Ultimately, this should not alter how you send a check to someone through Bill Pay and we hope you will like these improvements.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact the Solutions Group at (205)263-4700.